The fruits of labour

1 Sep

Stubble fieldFor many nights the rumble of combine harvesters at work laid seige to our little enclave, casting up great clouds of dust that clung to the dewy evening air. The farmers worked day and night at the harvest, three weeks earlier than usual this year, but at last the rain came and broke the scorching deadlock.

Rain windowThe cooler temperatures have washed away summer’s hazy days, replacing them instead with ripening autumn.

Apple tree 2ApplesOur apple trees are groaning under a bountiful crop and I’ve been out every morning gathering up the windfall and using the apples to make æblekage (apple cake), a classic Danish treat, popular at this time of year.

Apple mushDespite what the name might suggest, æblekage is less of a cake and more like a trifle. The apples are peeled, cored then cooked down into a mush with a little water, sugar and vanilla.

MakronerThis is then layered with crushed up makroner, a sort of biscuity affair, then left to sit until the biscuits are soft. Before serving, the finishing touch is a topping of whipped cream and redcurrant jelly.

GrapesThere has also been action in the greenhouse and the vines are laden with heavy clusters of ripened grapes, soon to be made into jelly.

Johan and Viggo

Viggo is settling in well, and we’re finding our rhythm. My younger stepson has a real affinity with him, and Viggo is getting plenty of attention and play time as well as walks and training to occupy that ever-active brain of his.

Ploughed field Summer is over, but this year instead of being wistful and nostalgic I’m looking forward to autumn, full of energy for the journey that lies ahead.


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