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Summer Sun

8 Aug

CornfieldThe sweltering Danish summer has led to some lifestyle changes for me,  not least those of an aquatic nature. I grew up in the north of Scotland, which means that the sea-related activities of my youth took place in the North Sea. Although Scotland has many beautiful beaches the water is a tad on the cold side, and my childhood memories of going to the beach have left me with little enthusiasm for that particular activity. Until this summer, that is. I’ve always been predisposed to think that immersing oneself in the sea is deeply unpleasant, and getting wet only adds to the pre-existing coldness that normally accompanies a Scottish summer, however the blistering heat of the past few weeks here in Denmark has led me in desperation to seek any kind of relief.

Beach1Our local beach at Kerteminde has been measuring water temperatures of 22° and that, folks, is more than enough for me! Nothing can beat the feeling of having spent a day of heat-induced inertia, oozing sweat, to then plunge head first into the sea. Oh, the relief! The utter bliss of being cool again!

LifesaversIt’s all a bit Baywatch at Kerteminde beach…

My favoured form of summer relaxation – that of sitting under the apple tree, reading a good book – has by necessity become limited to a morning activity, because when the sun reaches a certain level it becomes unbearable to be outside. It seemed quite odd to me at first to actually go inside when the sun was out, but now I see it as the only sensible option and we’ve whole-heartedly come to embrace a more Spanish way of life.

Apple treeThe one exception to our daily pattern of sun-avoidance happened when the weather forecast mistakenly predicted grey skies and a temperature of around 20°. Taken in by the promise of cooler temperatures, I planned a cycling trip with my father-in-law and younger step-son, but it wasn’t long before it became apparent that the forecasters had got it completely wrong!

Trusty and windmillsBikesWater

Nevertheless, despite the opressive temperatures, it was a very pleasant outing in the Danish summer landscape, though the first thing the youngest member of our group did on getting home was to have a cold shower. Smart boy!

MunkeboJuly has since given way to August and there have been several changes in our household. The elder step-son has gone to efterskole, a type of boarding school which Danish children have access to in their final years of school before continuing on to other education options. I will also be embarking upon a new educational journey starting in September, after recently receiving the great news that I have a place to study English at the University of Southern Denmark. I’m hoping this will have a positive influence on my writing skills!

Undoubtedly most exciting event of this summer, however, was the arrival of our new puppy. For years I’ve dreamed of having my own dog and finally my dream has come true! Meet Viggo:

Viggo and TeddyHe’s a great wee guy and I’m looking foward to the adventures we’ll have together. At the moment routine is of paramount importance to  help him settle in, but already I can see I have a very smart dog on my hands who’s going to need a lot of activation. Luckily I have a lot of energy and am more than up for the challenge!



A breath of fresh air

18 Mar

TippiGive me peace and tranquility with a sprinkling of  everyday magic moments and I am a happy soul.


The last couple of months have been a whirlwind of adventures, activities and deadlines, yet somehow through it all I’ve managed to find little pockets of zen to keep me on an even keel.

Crocus1Back in February we had vinterferie (winter holiday), a week which became a flurry of family activities: a trip to the Railway Museum in Odense, a visit to the natural history museum, Naturama, in Svendborg, and on the last weekend a mini-break to a summerhouse on the island of Langeland.

Railway2Railway1Natruama2Naturama1LolliesFor a family who spends most of their free time glued to a screen of one kind or another, the trip to the summer house was perhaps the most challenging.

SummerhouseI instantly embraced the plug-pulling ideal and got stuck in to the stack of magazines I’d brought with me, then got up early on the first day for a bracing walk on the beach, alone but for the birds.

Beach1Disaster was, however, not far away when on my return the wifi data allowance on my husband’s phone was quickly used up and the younger members of the household suddenly found themselves without connection.

Fortunately, there was a family edition of Trivial Pursuit to hand and much to my surprise the youngest family member became extremely enthusiastic about playing, and we were able to spend a very hyggelige couple of days connecting in a different way.

Trivial PursuitBefore our trip to the summer house, a friend of mine had told me about a herd of wild ponies living on the south end of the island. The herd wanders freely over several acres in a nature reserve and there are several marked walks where one can actually go among the ponies.

Pony2Beach2There was a biting wind and the clouds were low but we saw the ponies and took a walk along the shoreline to blow the cobwebs away. Even better then, to get back the summer house and get the fire on.

Fire1The month of March has brought with it a lot of much needed sunshine, and with the light, new life and vigour. Although still chilly in the shade, there have been glimpses of the summer ahead. After languishing in the seemingly endless darkness of winter, I feel that at last things are moving forward and I for one am more than ready.


Et pust af frisk luft

Giv mig fred og ro, der er drysset af dagligdags magiske højdepunkter, og jeg er en glad sjæl.

Kitties1I de sidste par måneder har der været en hvirvelvind af eventyr, aktiviteter og deadlines, men på en eller anden måde er det lykkedes mig at finde små lommer af zen, som holder mig på ret køl.

Crocus2Tilbage i februar fik vi vinterferie. En uge som blev til en byge af familieaktiviteter: et besøg på jernbanemuseet i Odense, Naturama i Svendborg, og i den sidste weekend et par dage i et sommerhus på Langeland.

Railway1Train signNaturama3Natruama3For en familie, som tilbringer det meste af deres fritid foran en eller anden form for skærm, var besøget i sommerhuset det mest udfordrende.

SummerhouseJeg trak straks stikket ud og gik i krig med bunken af dameblade, jeg havde med, og stod tidligt op den første dag og gik en forfriskende tur på stranden helt alene bortset fuglene.

Beach3Katastrofen var dog ikke langt væk, for efter jeg kom tilbage, blev wifi datakvoterne på min mands telefon hurtigt brugt op, og de yngste familiemedlemmer befandt sig pludselig uden forbindelse.

Trivial2Heldigvis var der en familie-udgave af Trivial Pursuit i sommerhuset, og til min store overraskelse blev den yngste meget begejstret for at spille. Vi tilbragte et par meget hyggelige dage med at være sammen på en helt anden måde.

HerdFør vi tog til sommerhuset, fik jeg at vide af en veninde, at der er en flok vilde heste, som bor på den sydlige del af øen. De går frit omkring over flere tønder land i et naturreservat, og der er flere gåture, man kan tage og gå forbi hestene.

Pony1Der var en bidende vind, og skyerne var lave, men vi så hestene og gik en tur langs kystlinjen for at blæse spindelvævene væk. Det var så endnu bedre at komme tilbage til sommerhuset og tænde for ilden i brændeovnen.

Beach4Fire1Marts måned har bragt en hel del tiltrængt solskin, og med lyset kommer nyt liv og ny handlekraft. Selv om det stadigvæk er køligt i skyggen, har der været glimt af den kommende sommer. Efter at være sygnet hen i vinterens mørke føler jeg endelig, at der begynder at ske ting, og jeg er i hvert fald klar.


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