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Seasonal Adjustment

9 Feb

Foyer sduMy second semester at the University of Southern Denmark is underway, and its beginning happened to coincide with the arrival and subsequent hasty departure of the Danish winter.

Frost treeAs something of a contrast to the otherwise idyllic lifestyle I enjoy in Denmark, my timetable begins on a Monday morning at 8am with six straight hours of lectures followed by a one hour cycle home. Most of my lectures take place in dingy classrooms with no windows, so I always feel a little bit mole-like when I emerge blinking into the daylight afterwards.

Grammar Although the long days leave me mentally drained, the cycle home always re-invigorates me, regardless of the weather. My journey home last Monday was particularly invigorating, as heavily falling snow lashed by a relentless north wind resulted in treacherous conditions, blotting out the frozen muddy ruts of the path underneath. It was anyone’s guess where the path actually was…Path4Fortunately, parts of the cycle path are on paved roads which, thanks to Danish tax-payers, are cleared regularly and efficiently.

Path2 My trusty bicycle and I are quite robust, though, and up to to coping with most types of terrain, although I did need to de-ice the old girl once I got home.

BikeHappily, the wintry conditions departed almost as soon as they had arrived, and over the weekend all the snow melted and today’s journey home was a different story altogether.

Path1 meltedHints of spring are suddenly in the air and the days somehow seem at once to be longer. It’s almost as if winter didn’t exist and I’m already counting down to summer…



Time Out

20 Jan

   Garden in snow sepiaThe above photo was taken this morning and is, I feel, a rather fitting extension of my own state of inner tranquility. My last blog post was written as I was about to embark on my educational journey and it is the tremendous challenge of that journey which has kept me from writing here. Finally, though, the first semester is over, exams completed and at last I have time to breathe.

pink flowerHaving been a musician for nearly twenty years, it has been a bit of a shock to the system to change career and immerse myself in student life again – and this time with classmates who are half my age! I won’t lie and say it has been easy, it has been challenging, but like most things that require a lot of effort it has also been incredibly rewarding. But as the first semester has drawn to a close, I finally found the groove and I reckon I’ll be on track for next semester.  Fortunately, the exam results which have come in thus far are confirmation that I am definitely doing the right thing. Thank goodness for that!


I will write more in future posts about university life, but for now I am enjoying the first down time I have had since the first semester began back in September. I have two weeks before the next semester begins and I intend to spend them attending to the needs of my soul. For this purpose, I have made my office into a little corner of zen from where I shall immerse myself in books, finish knitting the jumper I started for my husband about six thousand years ago and enjoy some quality time to myself.

Viggo in snow

Of course, there must be balance in all things, and my relaxation will also incorporate plenty of outdoor activity walking my dog. Strangely enough, over the last few months my sanity has been saved by my crazy puppy! My university timetable thus far has worked out very well and fitted in with his needs, meaning that he isn’t on his own for long and I have been able to take him for his daily walks…although some of them have been at 5.30am! The chance to get out with him for fresh air and exercise has saved my brain from meltdown on many occasions.

cat n doog

Viggo is full of the joys of life and has grown into a happy albeit boisterous teenager, but in our house the kitties are definitely very much in charge! Luckily for Viggo, Knud is very tolerant and keeps his claws to himself, even when Viggo invades his personal space to a most unacceptable degree.

So, surrounded by my animals with the snow softly falling outside I will take some time out and prepare to face February with my batteries fully charged.

Tippi in the sun

It’s no weather for spring…

20 Mar

Bridge“Beware the Ides of March,” said Shakespeare. “Beware the snowstorms this week,” said the Danish Meteorological Intsitute. We are now safely past the 15th of March so the first warning can now safely be discounted, but the second is still very much in force.

Garden 1
Garden 3

We have officially entered spring but the birds and I are a bit confused: they are nesting and I am spring cleaning. Natrual instinct can’t be denied but it’s taking place against a backdrop of snow/wind/sunshine/warmth/cold. In throwing open the windows, instead of fresh air I’d be letting in a raging blizzard. It just feels a bit wrong. I do take comfort in the knowledge that I’m not alone, though, as even the ice-cream shack has opened – albeit a little prematurely, perhaps.


There was one day, not long after the official beginning of spring, where it was actually properly warm and felt like the beginning of things to come.

Goldfinch in treeCharged up by the large amount of sunlight, I cleared out the greenhouse a bit and even felt sufficiently confident in the continuation of the good weather to put the pots outside.



Mostly it was just an excuse to be in the garden and enjoy the flowers.

Erantis carpetBack in the autumn I spent hours planting bulbs with the hope that come spring I’d have carpets of lovely flowers to look at. Due to the topsy turvy weather, the carpet is unfortunately thus far more like a patchy collection of threadbare rugs.

Gronirsk in crocusesI am, however, a hopeful soul, and I know that even if things don’t really work out as I had originally intended this year, the bulbs are there now and will be more than ready for next year.

Crocus carpet

Sadly, the good weather didn’t last and the constant shifts in weather and season have left me in no-man’s-land: I can’t properly get started with spring nor finished with winter.

Erantis frostWith only two weeks left to go before the clocks go forward and summer time officially starts, I’m starting to think that spring will in fact have been completely sprung over this year.

Thermometer warm

Thermometer cold

I know I’m the one who loves winter above all the other seasons, but I am craving the feeling of warm sunshine on my skin, even if it’s through a protective field of sunblock factor 50. In the meantime, my snow-boots stand poised…

Snow boots

Det er her det sner


Foråret er officielt begyndt, men fuglene og jeg er lidt forvirret: De bygger reder, og jeg gør forårsrent. Et naturligt instinkt kan ikke fornægtes, men det sker på baggrund af sne/vind/solskin/varme/kulde. I stedet for at åbne vinduerne for at lukke frisk luft ind, skulle jeg snarere lukke en rasende snestorm ind. Det virker lidt forkert. Jeg finder dog trøst i en viden om, at jeg ikke er alene, for selv is huset er åbent – skønt lidt for tidligt måske.


Ikke længe efter forårets officielle begyndelse var der en dag, da det faktisk var ordentligt varmt og virkede som begyndelsen af ting, der kommer. Jeg var opfyldt af det store mængde af solskin og ryddede lidt op i drivhuset. Jeg var endda sikker nok på forlængelsen af det gode vejr til at sætte potterne udenfor. Det var for det meste bare en undskyldning for at være i haven og at nyde blomsterne.

CrocusesTilbage i efteråret tilbragte jeg mange timer med at plante løgblomster i håbet om at få et tæppe af flotte blomster i foråret. På grund af det ændrede vejr ligner tæppet egentlig en samling af luvslidte kamintæpper. Men jeg er en håbefuld sjæl, og jeg ved, at selv om ting måske ikke udvikler sig, som jeg oprindelig havde troet, er løgblomsterne stadigvæk dér og er mere end parate til næste år.


Med det bestandige ustadige vejr og årstider befinder jeg mig i ingenmandsland: Jeg kan hverken begynde på foråret eller blive færdig med vinteren. Med kun to uger til uret stilles frem til den officielle begyndelse af sommertid, begynder jeg at tro på, at foråret faktisk er sprunget dette år over.

Garden 2

Jeg ved, at jeg er én, der elsker vinteren over alle de andre årstider, men jeg tørster efter varmt solskin på min hud, selv om det er igennem et område af solcreme med beskyttelsesfaktor 50. I mellemtiden står mine skistøvler klar…

Snow boots

Winter Wonderland

21 Jan

Le KlintWinter nights in Denmark are dark and long. The makers of Forbrydelsen (The Killing) did a very good job of illustrating this in the latest series, I thought. However, Danish people don’t mind the darkness at all because they illuminate their homes with fabulous Danish design lamps. These are very fashionable indeed and it’s my belief that the joy associated with owning a lamp by Le Klint or Poul Henningsen has led to the demise of the functional curtain in Denmark. Most homes do have some kind of blind or curtain framing the windows, but in most cases these are purely for decoration and are never drawn.

Brass globeAs I’ve mentioned before, I’m a nosey person and I love looking into people’s homes when I’m walking past of an evening and getting a glimpse into how other people live, and this is facilitated greatly by the anti-curtain movement. After many evenings of research/being nosey, I can conclude that a fancy light is a must in the well-decorated Danish home.
Lamp and candleThe placement of the designer lamp is also given great consideration: not only must it be clearly visible from the street, but  it must hang low enough to illuminate the table which inevitably is placed directly underneath. And now here’s a warning to foreigners visiting Denmark: beware the hanging lamp – you WILL bang your head on it. A lot.

Finsens AlleA peek into most homes also reveals the great Danish passion for candles, which I also share. There’s nothing like lighting candles to up the hygge factor in a room. It could also be that those few extra degrees of warmth from the candlelight helps to replace those lost from not drawing the curtains.

CandlesWarmth in general is actually something to be given great consideration if one is spending any time in Denmark in the wintertime. Having found myself woefully inequipped when I moved here in December 2010, I have been steadily building up my winter wardrobe and I’ve finally reached a point where I can go out in sub-zero temperatures and be toasty warm at all times. Basic items I have invested in include: winter boots (fur-lined and waterproof), down-filled coats (knee length), woollen hats (head to be covered at all times, curly hair issue notwithstanding), woollen vests (non-scratchy), woollen jumpers (long enough to cover the posterior), and woollen gloves (with fleece lining).

The effectiveness of my winter kit has enabled me to spend many happy hours outside in temperatures hovering somewhere around minus 10, armed with my trusty camera taking pictures of, well, pretty much everything really! I can’t describe the ecstasy I feel as soon as the temperature drops and the snow starts to fall, so instead I’ll leave you with some pictures of my present winter-wonderland-nirvana…

Cats on tour



Icicle cluster

I sne står urt og busk i skjul

Vinternætter i Danmark er mørke og længe. De, der lavede Forbrydelsen, var dygtige til at illustrere det, synes jeg. Alligevel er danskerne ligeglade med mørket, idet deres hjem bliver oplyst med fantastiske Danish-design-lamper. Disse er ret moderigtige, og det er min mening, at glæden, der kommer fra at eje en lampe af Le Klint eller Poul Henningsen, har ført til døden for fungerende gardiner. De fleste hjem har en eller anden slags gardin eller rullegardin, men de fleste gange er de ren pynt og bliver aldrig trukket for. Som tidligere sagt er jeg et nysgerrigt menneske og elsker at kigge ind i folks hjem, når jeg går forbi om aftenen. Det er fascinerende at se, på hvilken måde andre folk lever deres liv, og mangel på gardiner hjælper meget! Efter mange afteners undersøgelse/nysgerrighed kan jeg konkludere, at en kunstfærdig lampe er nødvendig i det velindrettede danske hjem.

first Placeringen af designer-lampen er omhyggeligt overvejet: Den skal tydeligt kunne ses fra gaden og hænge lavt nok til at oplyse bordet, der ligger direkte nedenunder. Og nu kommer der en advarsel til udlændinge, som besøger Danmark: Du kommer til at støde dit hoved på lampen. Mange gange.

Bird mobile

En kig ind i  de fleste hjem afslører den store danske lidenskab for stearinlys, som jeg også deler. Der er ikke noget så godt som at tænde nogle stearinlys for at forøge hyggen i en stue. Det kunne også være, at de få ekstra grader af varme, der kommer fra stearinlys, hjælper med at erstatte dem, der tabes ved ikke at trække gardinerne for.

Lamp and candle

Varme generelt er faktisk noget, at man må overveje med omhu, hvis man besøger Danmark ved vintertide. Da jeg flyttede hertil i december 2010, var jeg sørgelig dårligt forsynet, da det kom til vintertøj. Siden har jeg samlet en rigtig god vintergarderobe, og nu kan jeg være udenfor i temperaturer, der ligger under frysepunktet, og være dejlig varm hele tiden. Blandt de grundlæggende artikler, jeg har investeret i, er vinterstøvler (pelsforede og vandtæt), dun-fyldte jakker (knælange), uldne hatte (hovedet skal dækkes hele tiden, til trods for hattehår), uldne undertrøjer (der ikke klør), uldne trøjer (lange nok til at dække bagdelen) og uldne handsker (med fleece foring).

Garden with pigeonSå effektiv er min vintergarderobe, at det er lykkedes mig at være udenfor i mange timer i temperaturer, der ligger på cirka minus 10 grader uden at fryse. Det har været dejligt at være ude med mit kamera, og jeg har taget billeder af, tja, næsten alting faktisk! Jeg kan ikke beskrive henrykkelsen, jeg føler, lige så snart temperaturen falder, og snevejret kommer, så i stedet for vil jeg efterlade dig med billeder af mit nuværende vinter-eventyrland nirvana…



Cycle path


Fa la la la laaaa, la la la laaaa!

21 Dec

On 1st December snow came to Denmark. I woke my poor husband that morning with shrieks of, “It’s snowing! It’s snowing!” and have remained in a state of high excitement ever since.

Mushrooms cropWinter is by far my favourite season, especially when it snows. The freezing weather transforms everything from ordinary to extraordinary and renews potential for a lot of outdoor activity. We began by building the obligatory snowman, but since I was aided in it’s construction by my husband’s two boys ours ended up with certain feminine attributes (which for the sake of decency are not immediately apparent in the picture) and some harpy-esque wings. Still, I think she looks quite jolly…

Snow harpy crop

A while back I had seen on Facebook some photos of coloured balls of ice which I was dying to make as soon as the temperature dropped. They are made very simply by filling balloons with water dyed with food colouring, then set outside to freeze. I think the end results are quite lovely, especially when the sun shines through them.

Blue ball

At this time of year a lot of Christmas markets start to appear in Odense and there’s nothing like a wander among the stalls on a snowy day to top up the Christmas cheer.

SantasWe went to the HC Andersen Julemarked which is like stepping back in time, with lots of olden days products and events to tempt the senses.



After all that cold winter air it goes without saying that a warming glass of gløgg (mulled wine) is required.


But you can’t have gløgg without æbleskiver

Æbleskiver crop

Æbleskiver are similar to pancakes but cooked in a spherical form. They’re dipped into jam and then icing sugar and are a perfect accompaniment to gløgg.

I love all the old-fashioned Christmas decorations which are so popular in Denmark, such as these very traditional goats made of straw:


There is a lot of hygge at Christmas time in Denmark, and making your own julepynt (Christmas decorations) is high on the agenda.

Window decoration2 In our family it is customary to make your own adventskrans (Advent wreath) and kalenderlys (Advent candle), so armed with various bits of greenery from the garden, pine cones collected from the local petrol station(!) and some festive baubles I set to work…

Calender candle

And while I was at it I made a little something for the front door…

Door decoration

However, there is one Christmas decoration trend in this country which perturbs me – the upside-down star:

Upside down star

This seems as wrong as hanging a horseshoe upside down (which they also do in Denmark!) – all the luck runs out, besides which it disturbs my sense of order. And there’s another thing I don’t get about Christmas in Denmark – they don’t decorate the Christmas tree until two or three days before Christmas! It seems like such a waste when the tree is just sitting outside anyway until then.


In any case, top of the list of significant events in the lead up to Christmas day has to be the local Nativity play.

Nativity groupThis year I caught the one at Thomas Kingos Kirke in Odense and was very impressed with the children’s singing, they were giving it laldy. The tunes were rather groovy and catchy, altogether a more modern kind of Nativity than I remember from my youth. I always longed to be an angel (it was the irresistible lure of all that silver tinsel) but alas I was destined to be a lowly shepherd which meant I had to wear a dishcloth on my head. I shouldn’t complain though, because as I got older I was promoted to being a wise man and this instead provided the opportunity for wearing shiny curtains in various lurid colours.

Wise menNot so for these guys, their costumes were fabulous – although I was slightly doubtful about the wisdom of giving small boys big sticks and letting them loose in a church, but the teachers did at least have the foresight to remove their shoes, thereby  impeding their possible escape.


Nevertheless, it all went extremely smoothly and I hope the teachers were proud.


Nu er det jul igen!

Den 1. december kom sneen til Danmark. Jeg vækkede min stakkels mand denne morgen ved at skrige “Det sner! Det sner!” Siden da har jeg befundet mig i en tilstand af glad spænding.

Efter min mening er vinteren den allerbedste årstid, især når det sner. Frostvejret forandrer alting fra almindeligt til ualmindeligt og skaber muligheder for en masse udendørs aktiviteter. Vi begyndte med at bygge den obligatoriske snemand, men fordi jeg blev hjulpet i opbygningen af min mands to drenge, endte vores med visse kvindelige attributer (der pga. anstændighed ikke er umiddelbart synlige på billedet) og nogle harpylignende vinger. Alligevel synes jeg, hun ser ret glad ud.

Snow harpyFor nogen tid siden, havde jeg på Facebook set nogle billeder af farvede iskugler, som jeg ikke kunne vente med at lave, lige så snart temperaturen faldt. De bliver lavet meget enkelt, ved at man fylder balloner med vand, der er farvet med frugtfarve og stillet udenfor for at fryse. Jeg synes, at slutresultatet blev ret flot, især når solen skinnede gennem dem.

Purple ice ball
På denne tid af året begynder en masse julemarkeder at dukke op i Odense, og der er ikke noget så godt som at vandre rundt blandt hytterne på en snefuld dag for at forøge julestemningen.

PiggiesVi tog til H.C. Andersen julemarkedet, der er lige som at gå tilbage i tiden med masser af gammeldags produkter og aktiviteter til at stimulere sanserne.

Sax playerEfter al den kolde vinterluft er det en selvfølgelighed, at man skal have et glas varm gløgg.

Gløgg steamMen man kan ikke have gløgg uden æbleskiver…

Æbleskiver cropJeg elsker al den gammeldags julepynt, som er så populært i Danmark såsom disse meget traditionelle bukke af strå:

GoatsDet findes masser af hygge ved juletid i Danmark, og at lave sin egen julepynt står højt på dagsordenen. I vores familie er det almindeligt at lave vores egen adventskrans og kalenderlys. Så forsynet med forskellige slags grønt fra haven, grankogler samlet hos den lokale benzintank (!) og nogle festlige glaskugler gik jeg i gang…

AdventskransOg mens jeg alligevel var i gang, lavede jeg lidt til hoveddøren.

Door decorationImidlertid er der en slags julepynt her i landet, der forstyrrer mig: den omvendte stjerne.

Upside down starDet forekommer mig at være lige så forkert som at hænge en hestesko op med åbningen nedad (som man også gør i Danmark!) – al heldet falder ud, og desuden forstyrrer det min ordenssans. Og der er en anden ting, jeg ikke forstår ved den danske jul: de pynter ikke juletræet før to eller tre dage før juleaften. Jeg synes, at det er sådan et spild, når træet alligevel bare står der indtil da.

TræØverst på listen over betydningsfulde begivenheder i optakten til jul er uden tvivl det lokale krybbespil. I år nåede jeg det i Thomas Kingos Kirke i Odense og blev meget imponeret af børnenes sang; de gav den fuld gas! Musikken var temmelig melodisk og genkendelig, alt i alt en mere moderne slags krybbespil, end jeg kan huske fra min egen ungdom. Jeg længtes altid efter at være en engel (det var den uimodståelige tiltrækning mod al det sølv-tingeltangel), men desværre blev det min skæbne at være en ydmyg hyrde, hvilket betød, at jeg skulle have et viskestykke på hovedet. Jeg skulle dog ikke brokke mig, fordi jeg, da jeg blev ældre, blev forfremmet til at være en af de vise mænd. I stedet for fik jeg muligheden for at bære skinnende gardiner i forskellige spraglede farver.

Nativity groupDet gælder ikke for disse born. Deres dragter var fantasktiske, skønt jeg var lidt tvivlende over for, hvor klogt det var at give små drenge store stokke og slippe dem løs i en kirke. Men lærerne havde i det mindste forudseendhed til at tage børnenes sko af for at forhindre deres mulige flugt.

ShepherdsIkke desto mindre gik det alt sammen yderst glat, og jeg håber, at lærerne var stolte.


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