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Small steps

30 Mar

Blue flowers.jpgStepping into my garden, I feel a little like I’ve entered paradise. There, I can find a kind of tranquility that I am really savouring at the moment, and taking the time to just go out there and be among the spring flowers is one of life’s little luxuries that I definitely can afford.

As we all know, life doesn’t always go according to plan, but I’ve come to realise that being well-stocked with inner calm goes a long way to helping me tackle those inevitable problems and look on them as adventures instead.Daffodils.jpgWithout putting myself under too much pressure by setting too many goals, I decided at New Year that a change of approach to life was needed this year. As well as making an effort to really appreciate all the things I already have and the people around me, I’ve also been implementing some small changes here and there. Small steps.

On a practical level, one of my first tasks this year was to get my passport renewed. Fortunately, everything went smoothly with the application process, and my new passport arrived in no time at all. Nevertheless, I can’t help feeling rather despondent to think it may be the last one I get with ‘European Union’ on it.Passport.jpgOn a more positive note, cutting back on my expenses has had a surprisingly refreshing effect; my financial decluttering has actually emanated into several other areas of my life, not least my wardrobe. Considerations of what I actually need instead of what I think I need have taken me down the path of creating a capsule wardrobe. In short, this means clearing out your wardrobe and keeping only the clothes that you love to wear (and that can be worn together in any number of combinations). In my case the result has been a massacre of epic proportions, and I’m not finished yet!

As a background to all this activity, I’m approaching the end of my Bachelor’s degree, and reaching milestones always makes me a bit reflective. As well as thinking back on what I have achieved, I’ve also been giving a lot of thought to what the future might hold. I say might because, you know, those well-laid plans… Anyway, I figure it doesn’t hurt to lay the foundations for a bit of stability wherever I can. So, on that front I have big plans, but I’ll reveal more about that when they are closer to fruition.

But for now, I’m going to keep moving forwards while allowing myself the time to stop along the way and smell the roses…or the hyacinths, or whatever else is blooming at the time.Hyacinths.jpg


Små skridt

Når jeg træder ud i min have, føles det lidt, som om jeg er gået ind i paradis. Dér finder jeg en ro, som jeg virkelig nyder lige nu. Det at brug tiden til bare at være derude blandt forårsblomsterne er en luksus, som jeg absolut har råd til.

Som vi alle sammen ved, går livet ikke altid efter planen, men jeg har indset, at hvis man er velforsynet med indre ro, hjælper det én at tackle de uundgåelige problemer og at se på dem som eventyr i stedet for. Uden at lægge for meget pres på mig selv ved at sætte for mange mål, besluttede jeg mig ved nytår for, at jeg blev nødt til at ændre min tilgang til livet. Foruden at jeg gør en indsats for at sætte pris på alle de ting, jeg i forvejen har, og de mennesker, jeg er omgivet af, har jeg hist og pist implementeret nogle små ændringer. Små skridt.

På det praktiske plan var det at få mit pas fornyet en af mine første opgaver i år. Heldigvis gik alt glat med ansøgningsforløbet, og mit nye pas kom ganske hurtigt. Ikke desto mindre kan jeg ikke lade være med at føle mig temmelig ked af det, når jeg tænker over, at det sandsynligvis er det sidste, jeg får stemplet med ‘European Union’.

I en mere positiv retning har det at skære ned på udgifterne virket overraskende forfriskende på mig. Den stramning af min økonomi har faktisk smittet af på andre områder i min tilværelse, og ikke mindst på min garderobe. Ved at overveje hvad det er, jeg faktisk har brug for, i stedet for, hvad jeg tror, jeg har brug for, har det ført til, at jeg er i gang med at skabe et ‘capsule wardrobe’. Kort sagt betyder det, at man rydder op i garderoben og kun beholder det tøj, som man elsker (og som passer sammen i alle mulige sammensætninger). I mit tilfælde har resultatet været en massakre af episke proportioner – og jeg er ikke færdig endnu!

Som baggrund for al denne aktivitet er jeg ved at blive færdig med min bachelor, og jeg plejer at reflektere lidt, når jeg når en milepæl. Samtidig med at tænke tilbage på alt det, jeg har opnået, tænker jeg på, hvad fremtiden måske indeholder. Jeg siger ‘måske’, fordi, du ved, de der godt lagt planer… Nå, men jeg regner med, at det ikke skader at lægge grundlaget til lidt stabilitet, hvor jeg kan. I den retning har jeg store planer, men jeg afslører mere om det, når de engang begynder at bære frugt.

Men netop nu bevæger jeg mig fortsat fremad, mens jeg tillader mig tid til at stoppe langs vejen og dufte til roserne… eller hyacinterne, eller hvad der ellers blomstrer på det tidspunkt.



Time Out

20 Jan

   Garden in snow sepiaThe above photo was taken this morning and is, I feel, a rather fitting extension of my own state of inner tranquility. My last blog post was written as I was about to embark on my educational journey and it is the tremendous challenge of that journey which has kept me from writing here. Finally, though, the first semester is over, exams completed and at last I have time to breathe.

pink flowerHaving been a musician for nearly twenty years, it has been a bit of a shock to the system to change career and immerse myself in student life again – and this time with classmates who are half my age! I won’t lie and say it has been easy, it has been challenging, but like most things that require a lot of effort it has also been incredibly rewarding. But as the first semester has drawn to a close, I finally found the groove and I reckon I’ll be on track for next semester.  Fortunately, the exam results which have come in thus far are confirmation that I am definitely doing the right thing. Thank goodness for that!


I will write more in future posts about university life, but for now I am enjoying the first down time I have had since the first semester began back in September. I have two weeks before the next semester begins and I intend to spend them attending to the needs of my soul. For this purpose, I have made my office into a little corner of zen from where I shall immerse myself in books, finish knitting the jumper I started for my husband about six thousand years ago and enjoy some quality time to myself.

Viggo in snow

Of course, there must be balance in all things, and my relaxation will also incorporate plenty of outdoor activity walking my dog. Strangely enough, over the last few months my sanity has been saved by my crazy puppy! My university timetable thus far has worked out very well and fitted in with his needs, meaning that he isn’t on his own for long and I have been able to take him for his daily walks…although some of them have been at 5.30am! The chance to get out with him for fresh air and exercise has saved my brain from meltdown on many occasions.

cat n doog

Viggo is full of the joys of life and has grown into a happy albeit boisterous teenager, but in our house the kitties are definitely very much in charge! Luckily for Viggo, Knud is very tolerant and keeps his claws to himself, even when Viggo invades his personal space to a most unacceptable degree.

So, surrounded by my animals with the snow softly falling outside I will take some time out and prepare to face February with my batteries fully charged.

Tippi in the sun

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